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i feel like when i’m done with tumblr i won’t delete i’ll just let my blog sit here and then like years later i’ll come on and if anyone is still following me i’ll be like “yooooo guys look i’m grown up! look these are my KIDS! i own a fucking house damn son”

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In God we trust, Obama..not so much.

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“Yesterday my Savior died for me;
Tomorrow my Savior sets me free.”

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How to get into college in 1983: get good grades

How to get into college in 2013: get good grades, speak six languages, be a rocket scientist, and end world hunger

How to pay for college 1983: Work part time and summers. Maybe take out minimal loans. 

How to pay for college 2013: Which of your organs is the most valuable? 

What to do with your degree in 1983: work in your field
What to do with your degree in 2013: cry


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